Hase und Hirsch

Der Hasenschädel von Palenque. Linda Schele hat viel zum Hasen (Mond) und seinem Bruder Hirsch (Sonne) geschrieben (THE MIRROR, THE RABBIT, AND THE BUNDLE). enter image description here

Konnte auch Ball spielen, der Hase (aus Popol Vuh):

And so the rulers of Hell hit the ball And Jaguar Deer returned it, And the ball stopped before the ring. It hit it, Then it went up, And suddenly the ball passed over the court, Just one Just two bounces, stopping in the tomatoes. And the Rabbit went bounding off And then they went after him. The chase was on By those of Hell. They whooshed; They zoomed. They went after that Rabbit. All Hell wound up going. And it was then that Hunter's head could be snared, And Jaguar Deer's pumpkin planted again.



Fischt im Fluss der Belanglosigkeit seit 2001.